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History of The Royal Life Saving Society

We became The ______ Life Saving Society under the patronage of King Edward VII in 1904
In the 1980s, we initiated a project to design an economical CPR training _____ -- now known as the ACTAR 911
Guided by ___________principles, we are the Canadian leader in the prevention of drowning and water-related injury.
We are ________, innovative, and ethical.
In 1894 Arthur Cochrane passed along his skills to students and ___ Canada College
In the 1990's we organized the international symposium on ___ safety and ice rescue
In 2001, we defined the Canadian ______ to SurviveĀ® Standard
A Canada free from drowning and water-related ________.
Where did the Life Saving Society Begin?
In the 1950s, we were the 1st Canadian organization to adopt _______-to-mouth as the method of choice
We seek ________, driven by the needs of our community.
we developed safety ________services for pool and waterfront operators
We value diversity, flexibility and __________.
To prevent _____ and reduce water-related injury
We are a national _______organization and registered charity
In June 1896, 18 of his students were the first recipients of our distinguished Bronze _____ award
We operate with fairness, respect, ______, and integrity.
We are a dynamic organization that succeeds through volunteerism, pro-active leadership, and the ________ of excellence.