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history names

"the principles of natural philosophy; observed others' observations; law of universal gravitation
Mimics copernican model; prints Starry Messenger
Wrote pamphlets "What is the third estate"
English lord chancellor; "novum organum" The new instrument
Hired to make new calendar; comes up w heliocentric model
Turned blind eye toward trade w britain cause it provided important outlets for russian gain
Wrote essays on crime and punishment; certainty of punishment more effective in preventing crime
Tycho's assistanteliptical order, drawn to copernicus
"Let them eat cake"; Brought up as princess, spent hella money for jewels, gambled a lot.
Worst anti-enlightenment was the church (catholic church, organized religion)
Does not fear revolution; assembly sends ultimatum to him
Wrote "reflections on the revolution in france" -attacked revolution as crime against social order
Economist; wrote wealth of nations; maximize satisfactions, minimize desatisfactions
Kings finance minister; third estate representatives vote as individuals; double the size of the third estate
War of austrian succession occurs because she becomes queen of hapsburg
Imperial mathematician; tychonic comprimise
Leopolds successor after he dies; Deploys troops closer to border and continues talks with prussia
Social class under nobles
Said "furred to be virtuous and truly free" (think of country first)
"coup d'etat brumaire"; not born in france, born in corsica
Preached geocentric
Wife of napoleon; big hoe
Believed in purity of nature; general will, looks at institution and instinct
Wrote Almagest, geocentric
Very humane king, did not want to shed blood to overturn monarchy; married marie antionette
"essay on human understanding"; tabula rasa- "blank slate"
Also believed that church was worst anti-enlightment; religion keeps us as children