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history words- final exam

*War against France from Spain and Portugal *ended with Napoleon pushed back to France
_____ was the execution of prisoners in Paris as a counterrevolutionary by the sans-cullots. Multiple prisoners were slaughtered by Paris mobs because they were afraid the prisoners were agents
A French political party supporting a democratic republic that found support in political clubs throughout the country and dominated the National Convention from 1792-1794.
Citizens that were illiterate men who didn't own property and all women.
used to describe planetary orbits in the Ptolemaic system
___ ___ of the clergy; This made the Church a department of the state, with the government paying the clergy directly. To retain positions, the clergy were required to take an oath of loyalty to the nation.
Island that Napoleon was exiled to after his defeat in the Battle of Waterloo (by Duke of Wellington) He died there in 1821.
Revolt beginning in July 1794 against the radicalism of the French Revolution, leading to the downfall and execution of Robespierre and the end of the Reign of Terror. It was when the people felt the Committee of Public Safety had gone too far and was no longer looking out for the needs of French citizens.
Nobles had great amount of wealth and no taxation on them; old order
Royal fortress and prison in paris; revolutionary crowd attacked it to show support for national assembly, it fell
Mediterranean Island that Napoleon was exiled to by the allies when he abdicated in 1814.
New paper currency in france
Fought on December 2, 1805, in the modern-day Czech Republic; Widely regarded as Napoleon's greatest victory, the battle was part of the War of the Third Coalition; The battle pitted Napoleon's Grand Army (Grande Armée) against a larger Austro-Russian army; Though outnumbered, Napoleon managed to decimate the allied forces by seizing the strategically dominant Pratzen Heights and splitting the coalition forces in half, defeating each half individually; The battle resulted in the Peace of Pressburg, which ended the War of the Third Coalition and replaced the Holy Roman Empire with the Confederation of the Rhine
(1748-1793) Female playwright, vocal abolitionist of slavery. Saw that women were left out of this new government. Wrote "Declaration of the Rights of Women and Female Citizen" (1791). Said women should be able to own property, vote, and divorce their husbands. Supported existence of limited monarchy.
The belief that God created the universe and established immutable laws of nature but did not subsequently intervene in the operations of nature or in human affairs.
Estate number one
The political system in France from September 20, 1792 until October 26, 1795. It was made up of the Constitutional Assembly and the Legislative Assembly.
The name eventually given to the Civil Code of 1804, promulgated by Napolean, which gave France a uniform and authoritative body of law.
Suggestions and greetings to greet the king, expresses the property protection
A purging of alleged enemies of the French state between 1793 and 1794, superintended by the Committee of Public Safety, that resulted in the execution of 17,000 people.
citizens that had civil and political rights; they could run for office and vote.
The economic boycott of England by Napoleon during the wars beginning in 1803. Napoleon the blockade to protect French manufacturers in all continental European markets.
The more conservative members of the Jacobin party who favored greater economic freedom and opposed further centralization of state power during the French Revolution
Estate number two
Flees France to go to Crussia or Prussia