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U.S. History: Natives to Presidents

The practice or growing crops and farming.
A tax on sugar products.
A person elected to make laws and decisions for the people.
The trading of goods and diseases from the Old World (Europe) to the New World (the Americas).
A formal message to the government.
People that are not in the military.
Formal end to the French and Indian and American Revolutionary Wars.
A group of peoples' way of living (art, religion, etc.)
A document outlining the government.
Someone who betrays their own country.
Plotting and charting points to go to.
The process of digging channels of water to water crops.
To approve and sign a new law into legislation.
Powers only the Central Government has.
Powers that are kept only by the states.
The last name of the individual who "discovered" America when looking for Asia.
Idea that citizens are and should be treated fairly under the Constitution.
Colonies taking resources back to the mother country for it to make money.
When power is divided between the Central and State governments.
The idea that the government can stop other branches from getting too much power.
The theory that the first Americans crossed over from Asia into Alaska.
A group of civilians ready to fight at a moments notice.