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Claire Jacob, 10 4M

Snow Treasure, 2nd Nine-Weeks Choice Board.
Country the captive Nazi soldier is from.
Name of one of the protagonist's friends.
Color of the dots painted on the small children as a fake epidemic.
What do the townspeople build before the main antagonist invade?
First name of the uncle of the main protagonist.
The town the books takes place in.
What country did the main antagonists come from?
What is the first name of the main protagonist of the book?
What do the children us to transport the treasure?
What group is the main antagonist of the book?
Where does the protagonist want to take the treasure?
Last name of the Nazi soldier Uncle Victor and Rolls take captive.
Last name of the illustrator of the book.
The season the book takes place in.
What is the first name of the author of Snow Treasure?