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Final-History of Africa

of the Mokoteli clan that established his headquarters on the slopes of mountain east of Caledon
Deep narrow shafts were made to harvest this
Arabic word for peasant
center or capital of a large and thriving early Shona State
The cultural and economic changes that were observed with reference to eastern Africa, also in central and southern Africa, around about 1000 CE
Dynasty in Egypt that was initially prosperous
general term for most of the professional traders of west-central Africa
short-statured specialist hunter of dense forest zones
A holy war
empire achieved through a series of local rising, acting independently with support of caliph
group of arab nomads
people of Zimbabwe who lived in the region of modern Bulawayo
remarkable man who rose to power in Egypt in 1801
form of government in which a country is ruled by one person
military leader who founded the kingdom of Asante in the 1670s