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History of Gingerbread

Elaborately decorated gingerbread = all things ______
Gingerbread cookies known as ___
First known gingerbread came from ____ in 2400 BC.
Ginger root commonly use as a medical ____
Gingerbread originated in this country.
An ingredient in gingerbread
Medieval Engand, gingerbread =
Over time festivals came to be known as ___ Fairs.
Gingerbread in the new world with the English ___
Softer version of gingerbread was more common in _____
Translates to "root shaped like horn"
The shape of the gingerbread cookie changed with the _____
____ is credited with decorating cookies
Wrote "Hansel and Gretal"
This was first cultivated in China
American seaside homes is referred to as "gingerbread ____"