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The American Revolution~Karli Cottom

People who lived in the colonies but still were loyal to the king
1 of 3 groups excluded from the Declaration of Independence
Document that changed people’s minds about revolution
The laws passed after The Boston Tea Party
Document John Dickinson wanted to send to King George 111
The first part of the Declaration of Independence
Man who did not want to go to war for the Revolution
Also known as engraving that were made after The Boston Massacre
Man who rode to Lexington to warn Sam Adams and John Hancock about the British attack
The man who established the Committee of Correspondence
The number of men killed at the Boston Massacre
The last major battle of the American Revolution
This event happened on December 16, 1773 on the Boston Harbor
The main author of the Declaration of Independence
Illegal form of earning money
Colonists who were ready to fight at any time
Another name for the Intolerable Acts
Author of Common Sense
A Lawyer for the British
First tax put on the colonies