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A Christmas Carol: Scrooge & Marley Crossword

Scrooge's lost love
Old second hand goods dealer
Another of Bob's daughters
Scrooge's sisters name
Scrooge's old boss
Cheap man
Third ghost that visited scrooge
What Scrooge says about Christmas
Genre of play
Name of first ghost that visited Scrooge first
Various men carrying money boxes
Scrooge's clerk
What Present wears when he comes into Scrooge's room
Scrooge's first name
One of bob's daughters
Scrooge's business partner first name
Second ghost that visited scrooge
Scrooge's business partner last name
Woolen scarf
Scrooge's nephew
Scrooge's old co-worker
One item on Marley's chain
What scrooge's friends do to him
What Present sprinkles on people
Where remains of dead go