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Ancient Israel Review

A Jewish priest who refused to worship a Greek idol that was placed in his town.
One of Solomon's officials who became the leader of the northern tribes after Solomon's death.
An evil Seleucid King that wanted to wipe out the Jews.
The King who was in power during Queen Esther's time.
The Babylonian King who destroyed Jerusalem in 586 B.C.
Under his leadership the Greeks conquered the Persians.
Led the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem after one of the waves of Jews that returned after exile.
He taught the returning Jews what it meant to be Jewish and taught the people the Law.
Name given to the Greeks and to other people who were not Jews.
When the Jews were absorbed into Assyrian culture.
Also known as Judah the Hammer
An eight day celebration that remembers the rededication of the temple after the Maccabean Revolt.
The Northern Tribes kept the name Israel and established their capital at _____________.
The Greek translation of the Bible from Hebrew.
After Alexander the Great died his kingdom was divided up between his ______________.
The man who plotted to kill all the Jews living in Persia when Queen Esther was alive.
A son of Solomon.