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Ancient Greece

A fortified hilltop of Greece, or high city
War of Greeks vs. Persians
Philosopher that was condemned to drinking poison hemlock.
The belief that you should build up your military
The fighting formation of the Spartans
Math formula of a + b = c
Developed the Hellenistic culture.
War of Greeks vs. Greeks (Athens vs. Sparta)
He was a blind storyteller and poet that wrote the "Iliad"
A city and the surrounding area
The type of government of the United States
The Greek astronomer who stated the Earth is the center of the universe
Socrates, Plato and Aristotle are ___________.
Greece has 2000+ of these.
Greek temple built for the goddess Athena.
The Greek ruler who wanted to glorify Athens and strengthen democracy.
Type of government in which the citizens rule directly, not through representatives.
The blending of the Greek, Persian, Egyptian and Indian cultures.
The Greek astronomer who calculated the Earth's true size.
The geographic feature that separated the cities of Greece.