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Dork diaries

What did they eat at quezzy chessy
Was nikis sister excited for the queezy cheesy song
Where dose niki like to hid out
Oppisite of chloe
1 of niki's friends
Where did the story take place
What is short for cute,cool,popular
What dose niki's dad do for living
Niki wants
What was on niki's dads car
Bully in book
Brandon and niki do what to each other
What was the kind of show they were doing
What is one word they haven't said in the dork diaries
What dose mackenzie want to do in the talent show
Whats the name of mackenzies bff
Brandon is what for his school
Where did niki help out
How old is mackenzie
Did niki want to sing the queezy chessy song
Niki's sister
What is the thing you get if you win
Who wrote the book
Whos niki's crush
Who is the main character
What dose nikki want to do in the talent show