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OK History 1st Semester Review

France was mainly interested in the _____ Trade.
Kansas town called Cow Capital of the World.
Former slaves are called:
Spanish explorer who searched for Cities of Gold?
What was the one thing all of the European explorers were looking for? New ______ _______.
Turned over massive amounts of land to homesteaders.
Train that spans the continent from ocean to ocean.
Largest , bloodiest and most decisive battle in Indian Territory.
What is another fossil fuel that can be found in Oklahoma? Led to trains entering the state.
Capital of Cherokee nation
What mineral resource in Oklahoma fuels our economy?
To break away
The worst thing Europeans brought to America.
One of the ingredients that help develop tornadoes is from the Gulf of __________.
Seminole chief.
Last Confederate General to surrender. last name.
Not taking sides
Secret group who helped escaped slaves escape
People who move from place to place searching for food. ______
Chief of Cherokee Nation
This means to formally approve
A person who moves to a new country to settle there.
How many geographic regions are there in Oklahoma?
Which region has mountains that are 500 million years old?
Called for blacks to fight in Civil War
Those against slavery
Which mountain range in Oklahoma is 1.4 billion years old?
This early group of people live in eastern Oklahoma near Spiro, OK.
This group of early people were known for flint knapping.
One of the best things Europeans brought to America.
Underground basins of liquid.