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My cousin is going to b________ a treehouse.
I don't want half of the candy bar, I want the w_______ candy bar.
T____________ I am going to bed at 9 pm.
I b_________ that all humans are equal.
The woman q_____ her job.
I am w__________ a letter to my grandma.
I f_________ my homework after school.
If I c________ change the world, I would make sure that everyone had enough food to eat.
I am g_______ to visit NYC for vacation.
My favorite s_________ is Northeast Elementary.
She is g_________ a cat for her birthday.
I was q_______ happy to go to the ice cream store.
W_____ the baby sleeps, the mom watches her favorite television show.
The car g______ to the left at the corner.
I wake up at 6 am in the m__________.
I r__________ a gift for my birthday.
What h_________ to your car? It looks destroyed.
The bus s________ at the red light.
I want to travel the w_________.
My friend is c________ to my house this weekend.