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Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment

German who used mathematics to prove Copernicus; heliocentric theory.
His ideas in math helped form the scientific method.
Sun centered universe.
Observation and ____________ became focal points of the scientific method.
Greek astronomer who devised the geocentric theory.
Philosophe who spoke in favor of freedom of religion and speech.
Spoke in favor of speedy trials and against cruel and unusual punishments.
Copernicus' questioning of this theory led to the Scientific Revolution.
Believed that the power of government should be separated into different branches to avoid abuse of power.
The use of ________ and logic were key principles in the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment.
Believed that all men were born with natural rights of life, liberty and property.
Idea that monarchs rule by order of God. ________ right.
Era where people began to apply logic and reason to society and government.
Kepler proved that planets revolve in __________________ orbits and not in perfect circles.
French social thinkers whose ideas spread during the Enlightenment.
In order to avoid tyranny, governmental power should be ___________.
Developed law of universal gravity.
Galileo was forced by this organization to reject his own findings.
Procedure one gets to prevent them from getting certain diseases.
Wealthy women sponsored these events to discuss Enlightenment ideas.
Beleived that all men are euqal and that titles of nobility should be done away with.
Believed that people must surrender certain rights in order to be ruled by a government.