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Christmas 2017

Beloved canine stomping ground
Yet another unloved pet on Montview
39th, briefly
Blue ski run with a nod to Tuck
Portland Christmas tradition, when dark
Famous for dreaming about tomorrow
Fictional coaster purveyor
Part of a circle
Aptly named paddling guide
Bubbliest Dickinson
Unplayed game
A good rue to stumble upon when famished
Fan of small glasses
Of which Portland edition is preferable to that in Lyme
Son to many at SMA
Rarely bought sandwich cookie, once a staple
Movie Cici wants to see
College near a place
Amusing would-be writer in NY
Word Mama mispronounces, with corn
Street at high elevation, ironically named
The one SMA teacher all 3 have had
1845 coin toss victor
Counterpart to Papa
Guns and graph paper, it's all here
River in Egypt
Suffix to di and Brandt
Hanover neighbor, acronym
Idiot, or, awesome
NH born SE Portland platter
Worst nachos, best view
Alexa donor
Holy family homilist of high regard
Opposite of one of Papa's favorite adjectives
Dinner with a seat for Elijah
Elizabeth's building association
TKAM sidekick
Original resident of 7101
Little loved scratch instrcutor
None, in soccer
Activity at a Brady sleepover
Hotel in Boston
Delivery for models
Sign up for the militry
Irish clan for whom short amble is named
AGT dog that got second chance
A protein in many smoothies
Magazine in Dad's barbershop in Maryand
Oscar nominated 2017 movie seen in theaters by Mama and Cici
Canal site
Device known to Dad as 'sweetie'
What a green light signals