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Christmas Story Trivia

The department store Santa can't stand the smell of (BLANK).
What animal did Ralphie claim to see at Pulaski's Candy Store?
Name of the department store...the one where Ralphie visits Santa
Town where the movie was actually filmed
The last name of Ralphie's next door neighbor
In Ralphie's dream, a desperados attack the house. The leader's name is Black (BLANK).
"Nobody move! A fuse has (BLANK)!!"
When Ralphie writes his theme, he states that this item would NOT make a good Christmas present
Name of the Lone Ranger's horse
Nickame Ralphie uses for his Dad (two words)
Ralphie places the Red Ryder ad inside another magazine. What is the name of that magazine?
Randy swears this was the color of Scut Farkas' eyes
Ralphie's brother Randy hasn't eaten voluntarily in (BLANK) years
What is the name of the aunt who sewed Ralphie's bunny costume?
What tool does Ralphie use to decode Little Orphan Annie's secret message?
Who taught Ralphie the F word ?
Name of the town that the movie is BASED in
What does Ralphie's dad want for Christmas?
Chicago White Sox traded this player
Name of the soap that Ralphie hates
Flick is going to give his dad a squiring (BLANK) for Christmas
What did Ralphie's family end up eating as their main course for Christmas dinner?
Nickname for Ralphie's gun: Old (BLANK)