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Spelling Lesson 5

A person who is considered __________ is well known for some bad quality or a bad deed done in his or her lifetime.
Big cities, with many cars and people, tend to be more ________ than small towns.
Our dog will sometimes _________ when we leave the house because he does not like being left behind.
The hockey player was ___________ about the start time of the practice and arrived after it had already begun.
Bedtime may be less ________ for toddlers if there is a night light in the bedroom,
There were a lot of __________ students at the middle school play tryouts.
Someone with a humorous and clever personality can also be called __________,
Skating on ice in the winter can be ___________ if the ice is not frozen enough.
Chloe prefers to read __________ because she enjoys learning about real things and events.
Penicillin was an important medical ___________ during the 20th century.
The boy was ___________ when he thought the person on the bus was someone he knew.
After working on cars all day, the mechanic's hands and clothes were quite _________.