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Revolutionary War

5th Grade Chapter 4 Review

The French nobleman who joined the cause for American independence when he was only nineteen.
What secret organization worked to oppose the British Parliament's requirements?
What document was written to define why the Revolutionary War was being fought?
A soldier who is hired to fight for a foreign country.
The colonists who actively opposed the British government taxes.
A battle over a hill that could house cannons.
A belief that disputes should be resolved peacefully without war
Who became commander in chief of the continental armies?
He fought the British in several battles and gave America a strong claim to the frontier (Ohio)
The turning point of the Revolutionary War was the victory at Saratoga.
Who are not part of the regular army but are citizens that may be called upon to serve in an emergency for the military?
The British national legislature that makes the laws and discusses issues of the country
A military post where British General Braddock and many of his soldiers were killed in an ambush during the French and Indian War.
Colonists who trained to be ready to fight at a minute's notice.
The colonists who remained loyal to King George throughout the Revolution were called
The act of refusing to use, buy, or deal with a store, company, or organization in order to express a protest.