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Camden Neesen's New Hampshire Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Mrs. McNish
Which ocean boarders New Hampshire?
The state insect
The capital of New Hampshire
The largest lake in New Hampshire
The country that boarders New Hampshire to the north
Where the first free public library was built in New Hampshire
"Live free or die" is the state what?
The New Hampshire state nickname is the "what" state?
This movie was filmed in Keene & Swanzey, New Hampshire
What was invented in 1938 by Earl Tupper in Berlin, New Hampshire?
The 2 letter abbreviation for New Hampshire
Which coin feathers the old man of the mountain?
The color of the female state bird
The largest city in New Hampshire
The color of the male purple finch
What state boarders New Hampshire to the East?
The state that boarders New Hampshire to the west.
The state sport