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Ancient Greece (Ch. 10)

I am conditions such as temperature and precipitation which change from day to day
I am a singing poet
I am the climate zone that is neither too hot nor too cold
At the age of 18, boys in this city-state because citizens after taking a pledge in a solemn ceremony
Philosophers and foreigners were not welcome here
I am the book of the Bible that prophesied Alexander the Great's life would be short
At age 7, boys began a training program designed to make them loyal soldiers
I was a freed slave who wrote fables
I am the marketplace
I am the name of all 16 cities that Alexander the Great built and named after himself
I am the religious center of the city
I am a large group of foot soldiers, armed with shields and spears and trained to move together
I am the amount of rain, snow, sleet, etc., that an area receives
I am the philosopher who was concerned with finding the best way of life
I am Alexander's father and I conquered most of Greece
I am the place where men practiced sports
I am the word that comes from the two words meaning "people" and "rule"
My name means "scorching"
I am the peninsula where Greece is located
I am where the idea of democracy was developed
I am a blind singing poet of ancient Greece
I am usually the largest gathering place in the Greek city-state
I am the city-state that was the the greatest cultural center in ancient Greece
I am the Greek who was honored by the Olympic games
Most of the men in this city-state never learned to read or write
I am a long racing track
I am the city-state that was the first to become powerful
I am how far Alexander the Great's empire extended east
At age 7, boys began a program of education designed to make them good citizens
I am the body of water that almost cuts Greece in half
I am how did all of the work in Sparta
I am the alphabet that the Greek's borrowed and added vowels too
I am the weather conditions of a region over a period of many years