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The Environment and Society

Chapter 1.2 - The Environment and Society
________ countries have higher average incomes, lower population growth, diverse industrial economies and stronger social support systems.
One of the costs of any action is the ________ of an undesirable outcome.
The Law of _____ _____ _______ states that the greater the demand for a limited supply of something, the more that thing is worth.
_______-________ analysis balances the cost of an action against the benefits one may expect from it.
The Tragedy of the _________ refers to the conflict between the short-term interests of the individual and the long-term welfare of society.
A _________ footprint shows the productive area of Earth needed to support one person in a particular country.
The condition in which human needs are met in such a way that a human population can survive indefinitely.
________ countries have lower average incomes, higher population growth, and simple agricultural economies.