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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Teacher: Orth
Where Dr. King first became a pastor?
Dr. King's initials?
Age of Dr. King when he graduated high school?
Where did Dr. King gave his "I Have a Dream" speech?
"I Have a __"
Who passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964?
What Dr. King received at 35?
Dr. King dreamed that people be judged by their __.
What month do we celebrate Martin Luther Kind Day?
Number of times Dr. King was arrested?
City where Dr. King was assassinated?
Age Dr. King was assassinated?
Which Monday is Martin Luther King Day celebrated?
State where Dr. King was assassinated?
Where was Dr. King born?
Bans segregation in schools, offices, and public places. (3 words)
How many children did Dr. King have?
Dr. Kings' first protest was a __. (2 words)
Dr. Kind worked for __? (2 words)
Dr. King dreamed that people not be judged by the __ of their skin.