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US History Section 2 from Isolation to Involvement

German for sudden attack; emphasis on speed and fire power to hurt opposing force.
Who gave a speech about japan that implied a good idea is to form an alliance with all pro peace nations and quarantine the others
U.S. should work with other nations to promote collective security, Axis aggression were wrong and threatened American interests, US should aid Allies who were fighting for democracy and freedom.
U.S. Should avoid alliances, Americans should focus on home issues, like the Depression, complete neutrality was the way to keep us safe, and intervention in a foreign war would be a mistake just like WWI
name in Britain for quiet 8-month period after Poland was destroyed
Hitler's plan to invade Britain; based on air force taking over English channel area
Isolationist group; against Roosevelt's open support for allies.
March 1941; authorized FDR to "sell, transfer title to, exchange, lease, lend, or otherwise dispose of, to any such govt. ant defense article" that would defend the US; economic declaration of war
Germany, Italy, and Japan signed it in 1940; became allies
northern section of France controlled by Germany
Germany, Italy, Japan,etc
British air force; taken down by Operation Sea lion
committee who investigated reasons for WWI; targeted "merchants of death"; banks loaning to warring countries, etc.
aka Vichy France; smaller, Southern section of France not controlled by Germany; collaborated with Nazis
What was the name of the US ship sunken by Japan while they were attacking the Chinese? (killed 3)
Britain & France knew the situation was serious when Germany didn't want to fight a war on two fronts and Britain and France were ready.
What country was divided up into regions by Germany after Dunkirk
1935, 1936, 1937; acts to avoid "mistakes" from previous war: Americans can't sail on warring nation's boats; no selling or loaning to nations either at war
barrier of fortresses set up by France on their German border; (ineffective);
German air force