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"The Real Eve" Video Quiz Cross 1

Location of the great Toba explosion that created 6 years of volcanic winter
A permanent alteration in the DNA sequence in humans accounting for variation seen in human hair color, skin color, height, shape, behavior, etc. (two words)
An extinct species of human widely distributed in ice-age Europe between c. 120,000–35,000 years ago, with a receding forehead and prominent brow ridges; coexisted with modern man
Approximately _____________ thousand years. The number of generations of humans from their beginnings to now
Supervolcanic eruption that occurred about 75,000 years ago at present-day Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia
Modern day location of ancient human burial sites
Part of which was crossed by early "out of Africa" humans (two words)
Genetic material passed from mother to daughter (two words)
A condition that results in weak or soft bones in children; usually due to inadequate vitamin D
A member of the people who were the earliest inhabitants of Australia.
Known to have been a significant part of the culture of humans based on artifacts found in the Czech Republic
a periodic wind especially in the Indian Ocean & southern Asia bringing continuous, heavy rains
The process whereby organisms better adapt to their environment and tend to survive and produce more offspring
Rockshelter in PA. the oldest site of human habitation in No. America; artifacts dating around 16,000 years ago
Movements of human groups out of Africa likely occurs as such
Pigment giving humans skin, hair, and eyes color. Darker-skinned people have more melanin in their skin than lighter-skinned people have.
Where early humans landed after crossing #11 Across
Scientist who studies human history by analyzing artifacts
UV of this and the movement of humans from high to low areas explains pigmentation differences in humans; exposure to UVB allows human to make vitamin D
Extraordinarily large creators depicted in cave drawings found in Australia
A series of this extreme drops in the earth's temperature that dictated the migration of humans (two words)
The group by which genetic material is passed on
Rites depicted in the careful placement of a deceased child who remains were found in present-day Lebanon
Genetic _______ leads to evolutionary change even in the absence of mutation, natural selection or gene flow