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World History Semester Review

Act of killing many defenseless people
Enabled civilization to begin
Structure that carried water to Rome
Dug out area filled with water circling a castle
Tools weapons, pottery, and jewelry
Tool used in math
Muslim place of worship
Used by Arabs to spread Islam
A scientist who studies the behavior of people
A group of people who have a city and government
Area of fertile land at the mouth of a river
A leader who has full control, rules with force
Kept Japan isolated
System of making and trading things
Belief that human actions are important
A group of traders traveling through deserts
Why people moved to cities
Having good government
Being brave and bold
Part of land that peasants farmed
The Hellenistic Age's contribution to civilization
To wrap a dead body to keep it from decaying
Scientist who finds things people left behind
A political and military system used in the Middle Ages
Painting done in wet plaster
Improved farming led to increased ___
Ruler of Russia
Invented by Chinese which allowed ships to travel far
A style of architecture
No longer existing
Form of government the ancient Greeks contributed to civilization
A country who helps another
Military journeys to the Holy Land
Small religious pictures of saints and Jesus