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World History Review 2

Disease that spreads quickly killing many people
The 3-field system improved this during the Middle Ages
Egyptian civilization grew along this river
Invented by the Chinese 400 years before Europeans
Burial places of Indian monks
Leader of the Christian church
To say no to a decision
A movement that challenged and changed the Catholic religion in Europe
Result of education during the Middle Ages
The kind of resources a country needs to become industrialized
Struggle for change
The holy book of the Muslims
Customs, values, and attitudes of a people
The ten-year war fought by the Myceneans
A person who moves from place to place
Greek word for city-state
The reed from the Nile Egyptians used to make paper
The Gift of the Nile
A peasant who was bound to the land
Earliest period of human history
A statement explaining why something happens
The period before written records
A form of government in which citizens elect representatives to govern them
A leader who rules by force, not law
Mound builders buried this and pipes with their dead