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Geography Semester Review

US is located in the North and West _____
World's largest desert
Advances have allowed people to share ideas
Lines that run north and south and measure distance from the Prime Meridian
Nile River empties into this Sea
Region we live in
A period of little or no rain
Changing farmland to desert
Caused by the shifting of earth's plates
An area of rich land at the end of a river
The religion, food, language, and customs of a people
Longest river in US
How do people change their environment or are changed by their environment
The conditions outside right now
Rain or snow that falls from the sky
Break up and wearing away of land by wind and water
Largest state in US
Defines an area of similar characteristics
Capital of SD
What is it like there?
An area that receives very little precipitaion
Developed a system of counting and used geometry to measure land
Many of these happen in the Middle East because of its location and oil
Lines that run east and west and measures distance from the equator
Where is it?
The natural world in which we live
Cutting down all the trees
Longest river in SD
A person who permanently moves to a new country
Direction of New York from South Dakota
North, south, east, and west are the ____ directions
Caused many lakes in Minnesota and South Dakota
Early civilizations grew along these
Hundreds of years ago an Arab doctor wrote a set of books about this
The average weather conditions over a period of time
Free-trade agreement between US, Mexico, and Canada
Away from a city