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Art and the Bible

"Trumpets, cymbals, psalteries, harps, all the various instruments of David--_____ upon _____, art upon art--all pouring forth, all pointing up the possibility of creativity in praise of God, all carried to a high order of art at God's command."
"When we think of ______ in the Bible, we immediately think of psalms."
"God himself showed Moses the pattern of the __________."
"Ezekiel was asked to enact this _____ each day for over a year."
"The factor which makes art _________ is not that it necessarily deals with religious subject matter."
"In fact, David said that God made him understand in writing what the ______ was to look like."
"Art does not stop at the gate of ______."
"He smashed the work of ___ because man had made it an idol."