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World History

a way to describe the Byzantine Empire during it’s early days as it was transitioning into a new empire
a code of behavior for knights in medieval Euorpe, stressing ideals such as courage, loyalty, and devotion
a people from the forests north of the black sea, ancestors of Eastern Europeans
the taking away of a person’s right of membership in a Christian church
an alphabet for the writing of Slavic languages, devised in the ninths centry by Saints Cyril and Methodius
a medieval peasant legally bound to live on a lord’s estate
an emperor who ruled the Frankish kingdom, and expanded it to be as large as ancient Rome
a principal bishop in the eastern branch of Christianity
a lord's estate in feudal Europe
a four part legal document created in Byzantium
in feudal Europe, a person who received a grant of land in exchange for a pledge of loyalty and services to a lord
a religious community of men who give up their possessions to devote themselves to a life of worship
the influential wife of Justinian
the Cathedral of Holy Wisdom in Constantinople, built by order of the Byzantine emperor, Justinian
The ruler of Kiev who converted his empire to Christianity