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Women of the American Revolution
Hearing that the British were planning to steal gun powder, she blew up a storehouse as the British soldiers arrived
wrote poems about patriotism, battles, and the greatness of America
disguised herself as a crazy man and went about a British camp gathering vital information for the Patriot cause
Smuggled food to prisoners of war and helped many to escape
Shot at by Indians as she carried gunpowder in her apron to soldiers at Fort Henry
Rounded up local Patriots to fight against General Cornwallis at the Battle of Cowpens
Sent military secrets to the Patriots from England inside of wax figures
Disguised herself as a man and enlisted in the Continental Army using her brother's name
Set fire to her own house after the British took it over to use as a fort
rode to many villages gathering troops to head off the British in New York
Brought refreshment to men in battle
Reminded her husband to take care of the women when he was considering a declaration of independence
Held a tea party for British commanders in order to stall them while American soldiers moved through New York
gathered a group of women so they could defend the bridge leading into their town
wrote the first history of the Revolutionary War
credited with making the first American flag
Took over firing a cannon at the British after her husband and his partner were killed