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Weather & Climate Unit

Name: ____________________________
Falls as a liquid by freezes into a glaze on contact
Water moves across land to the oceans
The movement of water through the atmosphere
Lowers the freezing point of water, increases the density, increases the boiling point
Solid water in the form of snow or ice
Water changes from gas in the form of water vapor in to liquid water
A transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid, a compound of hydrogen and oxygen.
The process in which water changes from liquid to gas
Type of precipitation that forms spherical or irregular pellets of lice
The evaporation of water into the atmosphere from vegetation
Moisture from the atmosphere that condenses and falls
Frozen precipations in the form of white or translucent ice crystals
Form of precipitation consisting of transparent frozen or partially frozen raindrops.
The process in which water enters the soil.
Water that has penetrated Earth's surface