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Ch 7: Simple Animals Key Science Words

Example of an organism that does not show symmetry;
The balanced arrangement of body parts around a center point or along a center line;
A thin, fleshy tissue which covers soft-bodied animals
Name for a young worm with a protective coating
Animals without backbones
The simplest worm; have flattened body and three layers of cells
Animals with backbones
A common freshwater flatworm that is not a parasite; less than one centimeter long; flat body with muscles;
Simple invertebrates that have pores;
Worms that have long bodies with pointed ends; have three layers of cells; small and can't be seen without a microscope; hosts are people, dogs, cats, or even plants;
Worms with bodies divided into sections called segments;
Animals with stinging cells and hollow, sack like bodies that lack organs; most live in ocean; usually very beautiful and delicate;
Animals with soft body that is usually protected by a hard shell; example: clam
Arm like parts of many stinging-cell animals;
A roundworm that is a parasite of humans; enter through the skin of the feet; feed on the host's blood in the intestines;
A kind of flatworm that has a flattened, ribbonlike body divided into sections; live in the intestine of almost any kind of vertebrate; has suckers and hooks on one end that are used to hold onto the intestine of its host; have no mouth or organs to digest food; absorb food that the host has already digested;
A small opening in a simple invertebrate;
Opening through which undigested food leaves the body