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The Christmas Carol

Scrooge's occupation.
Scrooge's equally greedy partner.
An intense and selfish desire for something.
The last spirit to visit Scrooge.
The second spirit to visit Scrooge.
The holiday celebrated in the book.
Where the story takes place.
A character who brings a contrast to Scrooge's attitude toward business ethics.
This is Bob's Cratchit's crippled son.
The woman who broke off the engagement with Scrooge.
The name of Scrooge's business.
The action of forgiving or being forgiven.
The food Scrooge gives to the Cratchit's.
Author of this story.
The first spirit to visit Scrooge.
Last name of Bob's family.
This is the concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.
The main character of the story.
Bah, ______
The name of Scrooge's sister