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American Revolution p. 170-193

Lord C. moved his troops to the Yorktown __________ which left them trapped.
This word means "soldiers who are paid to fight for another country, not their own"
Someone who supports the King
The British Gov. had to formally recognize the _______ _______
This treaty ended the war against Britain
This word means "people not in the military"
This word means "formal complaint"
This word means "armed private ships that have the Gov. permission to attack enemies and keep their goods"
Most slaves fought for ________
This country hated England - they sent money, weapons and people to help the colonists
This word means "signed up for duty"
This work means "fighters who work in small bands to make hit-and-run attacks"
Lord Charles _______ was the commander of the British during Yorktown
Part of the agreement said the colonists must give ______ back to Spain.
This word means "paper money"
This article, written by Thomas Paine, caused more colonists to agree with the Declaration
This word means "a person who betrays his/her country and helps the other side
This word means "formal agreement between two powers toward a common goal"
This work means "introduction"
Someone who supports the Declaration and Freedom
King _____ III was the King of England