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This mammal is named after its cluster of 22 pink, fleshy, tentacle-like feelers on the end of its snout.
Pennsylvanias smallest bat
This aquatic mammal is not often seen, an excellent swimmer and belongs to the mustelid family.
This mammals long tails helps it balance as it leaps & climbs.
A cousin to the beaver, this rodent feeds on the roots & stems of aquatic plants, like cattails.
This mammal walks in a plantigrade manner; otherwise known as flat-footed.
This is the largest of rodents in Pennsylvania and feature a flat tail.
A carnivore that is a member of the mustelid family.
Gets its name from its fur that is blackish-brown, tipped with white.
This herbivore is similar to a vole & lives in colonies.
This mammals molts twice a year and has a lifespan of about 1.5 years.
The largest member of the deer family.