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Section 11 Vocab & history vocab

Negotiations with other countries
Ignites a conflict or event
Issued by James Monroe
A country that is represented by one central government
Another word for anarchy
Leader of the Rough Riders
Panama gained their independence from this country
These relations deal with other countries
Cowhands and college students who fought at San Juan Hill
To hell with spain...
Another term for the many Spanish speaking countries of South America
A narrow strip of land connecting two larger bodies of land
The policy of extending a nation's rule over other territories and countries
The belief that a nation should stay out of the affairs of other nations
The great white
Capitol of the Philippines
Seward's Icebox
Buildings, roads, canals, harbors, and bridges
Under the control of another country
Harbor where The Maine was anchored
Killed Francisco Madero
Known for Sugarcane
Trading bullets for dollars
Panama Canal completed under this President
Chinese Uprising
Spain had a lot of these after the Spanish-American War
Woordrow Wilson's Diplomacy
The practice of spreading a nation's territorial boundaries
Mexican Rebel leader
John Hay wanted countries to be able to trade in eachother's Spheres of ____
Needed to protect empires
Speak softly and Carry a
Land in pacific split between Germany and US