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Art History

One of Germany’s oldest cities, in Swabia, Bavaria
Art movement that that aimed to break with classical and traditional forms
Relating to behavior that is considered unconventional
Busy Art History conference
A Spanish word that refers to something depicting society and local traditions
Relating to the current geological age
The process of gathering together like objects
Art that favors or introduces experimental ideas
Moving mechanical devices
The process by which a society or place reaches an advanced stage of social development
The science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things
Also called the Apocalypse
Regarded as the leader of the French Romantic school
Eco-artist Nancy
Relating to the Frankish dynasty
Mexican muralist Diego
A modern art movement originating in Moscow in the 1920s
An empire in the Indian subcontinent, founded in 1526
The idea that America differs qualitatively from the rest of the world
16th-century movement addressing abuses in the Roman Catholic Church
The opposite of civilization
A picture representing an area of countryside