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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Ancient Greece

Where the Trojan War was located.
The "blank" war was in Troy against the Spartans.
The country we are learning about!
A empire that attacked Sparta and all of Greece, what KIND of empire was this.
While not all Greeks understood this many did. A group of wise people was based off of this word which means, "love of wisdom".
A city state where the people have a democracy and are very smart.
A city state where the people love drama but are not involved in world drama.
A great maze.
A very rich city state that minted their own coins and were once a part of Corinth.
This word has great meaning to Sparta because it was their great "blank" that made them take over and the "blank" tactics they used.
What is a city state called?
The author of The Odyssey and The Lliad.
A rebellion that wasn't born or elected to power but just took control.
The name of the island where the Athenians took refuge.
The "blank" Age Of Athens.
A city state that created boats and was once a part of Megara.
This King had amazing military tactics and took over Asia and the Persians. But he died at the age 33.
A city state that mainly focuses on war and lives simple.
A law making body of government.
The "blank" ages was a time where we don't really know what happened.
The word that guys loved to say in his video!
The island where historians believe Hellenic history began.