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Chemistry Test7

Used in ammonia & fertilizers
Bluish-green oxidation of copper
Photosynthesis is used to replenish ___ in the atmosphere
Alloy of copper
Science of extracting metals
Protium, deuterium, & tritium are ____ of Hygrogen
Phosphates are simply phosphorous ____
Alloy of iron and carbon
Used in bleaches
Essential to bones and teeth
Most malleable metal
Milk of magnesia compound (2)
Used in deep-sea diving mixtuers
Exists in monoclinic, rhombic, & plastic forms
2nd most abundant element in earth's crust
Cheapest metal
Used in x-ray windows
Group that Iodine belongs to
The blast furnace is used to extract what metal from its ore?
Aluminum is the ____ most abundant element in earth's crust
Rarest precious metal
Hypochlorite is the active ingredient in what household product?
Compounds containing metals and silicon-oxygen groups
Noble gases exist as ___, uncombined elements
Nitrous oxide is used in minor dental surgery as a compound known as ____ gas
Group that Helium belongs to (2)
Halogens are the ____ reactive
Used to synthesize ammonia
most common compound of Boron
Used in anticavity treatment
Alloy of copper
Epsom salts (2)
Produced via the Claus process
Hall-Heroult process is used to produce this metal
Used in surgical tools
Best conductor of electricity
Metal used in car batteries, weights, & radiation shielding
Most common Fe ore
Polymers of silicon, oxygen, & carbon
Primary component of window glass
Used in high-density armor
Gold & silver are extracted via this process
Most stable phosphorous allotrope