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Rachel's 10.2 Social Studies Study Guide

Contributing to charity
Another name for the Quran
Muslim place or worship
Educated Muslim leader
Fought in an area in between Poiters and Tours in France
Islamic word for Predetermination
An important Muslim ruler
Covered by a black cloth, in the Great Mosque in SA
Nomads who followed water
Fate or Death
The cut away in a Mosque that faces Mecca
People who travel in search of food, resources, and to trade
5th of the 5 pillars
2nd of the 5 pillars
Most famous Byzantine emperor
Pilgrimige to Mecca
Large group, believes anyone in Muhammad's tribe can rule
Means God in Muslim
1st of the 5 pillars
Islamic Sacred book, (book 1)
Period of fasting from Sunrise to Sunset
Islamic Sacred book, (book 2)
Area in the desert with water and resources
Capital city of the Byzantine Empire, named after Constantine
3rd of the 5 pillars
Pictures made from colored stones are tiles
Muslims pray facing Mecca on the outside the city, Muslims on the inside of the city face Kaaba
Group of traveling merchants, herders, or traders
One who calls Muslims to pray
Small group, believes only a direct descendant of Muhammad can rule
Leader of the Franks, crowned king by Pope
Where Muhammad and his followers fled to escape Persecution in 622AD
A belief in one god
Muslim mathematician, poet, or philosopher
Founder of Islam, Prophet, Born in Mecca (SA)
A split
Head covering worn by women
4th of the 5 pillars
Tower at the top of a Mosque, where worshipers pray
Capital of the Muslim Empire, under reign of Harun ar-Rashid (Golden Age)
Islamic word for holy war and internal struggle
Year 1 of the Muslim calendar when Muhammad fled to a city in Mecca
A group of people doing the same job
A mystical Muslim group that thought they could become closer to god through a fasting, praying, and simpler life