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Personal safety and injury prevention Grade 2

Teacher: Mme Li
You should always _____ the door when you're at home.
Verbal abuse is a ______ behavior.
If two people are agreeing on a subject, they are _______.
If someone does something that you don't like, you can ask for _____.
When you go outside, you should always use sun _____.
When I'm riding on the school bus I should _____ facing the front of the bus.
If I'm having trouble breathing after eating something, I'm probably have an ______ reaction.
You should always use a _______ when ridding a bike.
If I'm standing up for myself, I''l hold my head up _____.
You should never ______ the door when you're home alone.
If you don't like something someone is doing to you, you can always say _____.