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History Puzzle

Nation and US State
Last Great Khan of Mongolia
A famous Scottish William
Gaul who led the Sack of Rome
Semi-mythical first ruling dynasty of China
Famous Cardinal
Timur's Surname
Surname of general who lost legions at Teutoburg
Arms manufacturer that created the rifle known as the "The gun that won the west"
Franz Ferdinand's Assassin
Frederich Barbarossa died on this crusade
The Red Sheikh Surname
Famous Sherpa
Where Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded
System of inheritance
Cicero's Finest Hour
Where Che Guevara was killed
Famous Pied-Noir
The Great Compromiser
Late Confederate general at the Battle of Gettysburg
Napoleon's Horse
lasted 31 days before succumbing to pneumonia
Surname of WWI flying ace
Last Qing Dynasty Emperor
Cold War Nuclear Defence acronym
US team participating in a 1976 Cold War ice hockey game
Father-Son pair who each won the US Medal of Honour