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Here's to Scottie "Dogs"

The call name of the 2017 Montgomery BOB winner.
FDR's famous male Scottish Terrier
John Naylor registered this Scottish Terrier in the US in 1883
In The Book of the Cowboys, ____, the scottie dog accompanied two children on their adventures.
The STCA award for the most points earned from the puppy dog classes
President Bush's first Scottish Terrier.
Males Must have two of these to be shown.
This male Scottish Terrier starred with his master in the 1941 film High Sierra.
One of four early American Scottish Terriers
the storage site for sperm which lies on the top of the testicle
A modern day cartoon Scottish Terrier
From the Isle of Skye, he was owned by Capt. Mackie
_____ is ejaculated from the male dog.
A famous Carnation Farms Scottie.
Instinctual psychic energy that in psychoanalytic theory is derived from primitive biological urges.