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Contain bands or layers (may be wavy or straight)
Bits of existing rocks, minerals, and organic materials
The binding of sediments
Formed at Earth's surface when sediments harden into rock
To change form
Occurs when the weight of rocks/sediments puts pressure on a rock and causes the least amount of change
Form when chemical changes from new minerals
Pieces of rocks, minerals, and organic matter are cemented together
Formed from lava with small crystals
Formed when hot, melted rock material cools and hardens
Hot magma or lava comes in contact with rock it gets "baked" and temperature alone causes rock to change
New rocks that form from exisiting rocks because of changes by heat, pressure, and chemical
Formed from magma with big crystals
Mineral grains are not lined up by pressure
Form from the remains of plants and animals
Magma that reaches at Earth's surface
Rocks buried deep and temperature/pressure are high causing changes