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4th - Spelling Packet #22

Teacher: Mrs. McNutt
A conflict or something that went wrong
A group or team
To not remember (past tense)
Something someone does for enjoyment
To find an answer to
A place to go if you are injured or very sick
Having to do with what time it is. (Write the complete word under the title)
A bird or to push food down your throat
Something you do on a door to let people know you have arrived at their house
A person who shows off new clothes for people
A fruit grown on a tree
This comes from a plant and is used to make a kind of fabric
A competition
A distance past an object or location
Something that is fascinatingly strange; something from a faraway place
Something to keep money, ID, and credit cards in
To disagree with; a thing
An antonym of "top"
Having to do with a mountain that could erupt
To clean
20 nickels makes one of these
A person who treats people who are sick or hurt
To observe; a timepiece worn on the wrist
You can tie this with a rope or string