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Crossword Word Search Worksheet


name __________________________________
Polk sent John ___ to Mexico to offer $30 million for California and New Mexico in return for Mexico’s acceptance of the Rio Grande as the Texas boundary.
The founder of the Mormon Church was Joseph __ which was located in New York
In 1844 a __ of local residents killed Joseph Smith
In September 1836, Texans elected Sam Houston as their
received permission from the new Mexican government to organize the colony.
Smith said he had received a text from an __l to build a kingdom on earth because God was coming.
__ took over as head of the Mormons
June 1846, a small group of Americans seized the town of Sonoma north of San Francisco and proclaimed the independent Republic of
After a fierce fight, several hundred Texans surrendered. On Santa Anna’s orders, the Texans were executed ___ massacre
) People from all over the world traveled to the region in search of riches. Those who arrived in 1849 were called
This treaty the United States agreed to drop its claim to the Texas region to Spain
The government named Sam __ as commander in chief of the Texas forces
the first American trader to reach Santa Fe, arrived in 1821 with a supply of goods.
won its independence from Spain in 1821
__ accomplished the Polk's first goal. By 1847, the Texas border was secure
Travis’s army had killed hundreds of Mexican soldiers. But more important, they had bought Texans some much-needed __ at the Alamo
__ flourished during the Gold Rush. San Francisco grew from a tiny village to a city of about 20,000 people
American General __ led troops to New Mexico. The Mexican governor fled, allowing the Americans to capture New Mexico’s capital, Santa Fe, on August 18, 1846, without firing a shot.
Mining towns had no __ or prisons
Smith published “The Book of
was discovered in California in 1848
In 1846 about 12,000 Mormons made the trek to __. It was the largest single migration in American history.
He became President of México in 1833
The trail started from Missouri and crossed several states into before turning south into New Mexico
Most forty-niners had no experience in
On May 14, 1836, Santa Anna signed a treaty that recognized the independence of Texas after this battle
made up about 80 percent of the forty-niners
The California Gold Rush more than doubled the __supply of gold.
The Gold rush of 1849 caused California to have
In 1850, Californians applied for statehood and wrote a constitution. The constitution’s ban on
After a brief battle, the Texans drove back the Mexican troops. Texans consider this to be the first fight of the Texan Revolution.
In 1850 Congress established the Utah Territory. President __ made Brigham Young the governor of the Utah Territory
The commander of the Alamo was
About 300 men arrived from __ the first large group of Asian immigrants to settle in America
After Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1821, California became a state in the new Mexican
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the war with
Presidential James K. __ supported both actions and congress passed a resolution to annex Texas. In 1845 Texas joined the Union
The Texans had brave leaders, including Davy Crockett and a tough Texan named Jim Bowie at this battle
Polk’s War Plan against Mexico had __ parts.