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3rd Grade Spring Art Facts

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The ______ colors are blues, greens, and violets.
The _____colors are reds, oranges, and yellows.
A color mixed with WHITE is called a _____.
______ is another word for color.
________ is the term for the main subject, or topic, of an artwork.
________ makes things look like they are in-front or behind..
_______TEXTURE is REAL texture, you can feel it with your hands
is the area in the FRONT of the picture. The objects seem closest to the viewer (you).
________ texture is how something LOOKS like it might feel, but it has no actual texture.
A _________ is a picture with a person as the subject matter.
______ is lightness or darkness.
________is the area in the Middle of the picture. The objects seem Between the foreground and background.
A color mixed with BLACK is called a ______.
_________ is the area in the BACK of the picture. The objects seem furthest away from you.