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American History I Unit I

Nickname given to Natives by Columbus
Nickname for middle colonies
Protestant religious revival
Colonies with the best climate to grow produce
New York is in this colonial region
NE colonists used this animal to produce oil
Wanted to purify the English church
The US' first social contract
"necessary evil to keep cash crops profitable"
Colonies with the coldest temperatures
Crop that made Jamestown profitable
In addition to bread, the middle colonies also had this
A dye grown in the southern colonies
Massachusetts is in this colonial region
Shipping goods from Britain to West Africa to be exchanged for slaves
The lost colony
Access to woods and water made this profitable in the New England colonies
Colonies with weather "just right"
Georgia is in this colonial region
A religious group that occupied the middle colonies
Dictated the life in the New England colonies
A crop produced for commercial value
Important to the middle colonies
A cash crop of the south
Were only in this colony