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6th Grade Spring Art Facts

Name_____________________Class code_______
A _______ is a single design.
__________ artwork shows objects, people, or scenes that look…REAL.
There are no objects or people in _________abstract art that you can recognize. This style of art shows lots of colors, lines, shapes, but mostly…EMOTIONS.
If objects in an artwork are the correct size in relation to each other, it has _________.
When an artist uses many different types of elements within an artwork, they are using ______.
________ can be created by repeating similar things: lines, shapes, colors, direction, brushstrokes, or medium.
__________ is created when an artist repeats a motif within an artwork.
__________abstract art shows…OBJECTS. You can recognize objects or people, but they are exaggerated or “weird” in some way.
To show ________ means to draw some-thing in 3D, and to show distance in an artwork.
_________ art does not show a real-looking subject.